“The Lion is a Lamb” > 10-11-09

Pastor David Riemenschneider guides us thru Revelation 5 by first reviewing the context of the Loin of Judah and the Root of David as a lamb slain as an atoning sacrifice.//Next is a look at what is in the scroll.//Three reasons are given for why John was so overwhelmed by this all.//References to the Lamb prior to Revelation:  Exodus 12:13, Isaiah 53:7, John 1:29, 1Peter 1:19.//Fulfilled: Isaiah 11:1//Not fulfilled yet: Isaiah 11:4 and 11:10.//Pastor Dave reviews what the slaughtered lamb represents, and WHY the lamb was slain.//Pastor Dave wraps it up with some important principles: 1.]God has the future in His hands. 2.] The slain Lamb is redeeming people from all over the world. 3.]The victorious Lion and the slain Lamb are the SAME Savior. 4.] Jesus Christ, the slain Lamb is the ONE worthy of our worship.//

Revelation 5  Outline  [Click here]