“The Mission” > April 6+7 , 2013

The Texts: Acts 2-4  ; “The Story” Chapter 28.    ….    Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message, on this 35th anniversary of Bloomingdale Church.  Pastor David relates Acts 2-4 and “the Story” Chapter 28  to the mission statement of Bloomingdale church. Worship is acknowledging God as the absolute Creator and Sustainer of the universe who cares about our lives and offers forgiveness of our sins through Christ’s  cross.  Prayer is a really big deal and should be evidenced by our prayer habits.  We need to learn the Word of God because that is what keeps us on track!  We should care about a partnership in a shared life.   We also need to spread the Gospel to everyone. What we say and what we do should be parallel.

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