“The Pretenders” > 8/21+22/10

The Text: John 8:31-47 //  The Context: As Jesus is teaching and serving the people, he faces growing opposition from the official religious leaders. //  They prided themselves in their rich religious heritage, but they expose their arrogant self-righteousness and misunderstanding of God’s Word (the Old Testament). //  They do not head the book or know the God they claim to believe. //  They are pretenders. //  Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message in the series on the Gospel of John : Jesus’ story ; investigating what He taught and how He lived. //  Pretenders of religion have a fake faith of just rules, regulations, heritage and traditions, and nothing more. //  They do not have God’s plan, nor have God the Father in their heart. //  They do not know the love of God despite their religious claims. //  A genuine connection with God is a real faith based on God’s plan: Christ’s cross. //  A real faith insists on a genuine connection in out relationship with God and has a specific plan to daily talk to God, read our Bible, and provide for spiritual breakaways. //  The pretenders plan is self righteous whereas the real faith’s plan is Christ’s cross. //

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