“The Real Bethlehem” > 12-18+19-10

The Text: Matthew 1:18-25

Pastor David and Daniel Riemenschneider deliver this weeks message in the advent series “Christ in our chaos”. The message is a view of the birth of Jesus thru Joseph’s eyes and considers questions like “What did Joseph have to fear?” and “What did God say to Joseph?”.  Pastor David and Daniel review Joseph’s response and provide some applications for our response. We should live like Joseph, trust and obey that Jesus is our Hope in chaos, and not allow our fears to dominate our heart or decisions.

The message includes scripture readings by our drama team, and additional scripture readings are found on the message outline pdf file link.

At the end of the message there is the commissioning of Rob and Sue Delano as they embark on their full-time mission to the Family Empowerment Center in Roger’s Park.

Message Outline PDF file   {Click Here}