“The Real God” > 3-24+25-12

The Text: Luke 11: 1-13   …   The Context: Jesus continues to teach the crowds and spend time mentoring the 12 disciples privately as the days slip by and they move toward the day He will go to Jerusalem and face the cross.   …   You may need to click on the “read more” button below to see the message outline and audio links.   …   David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message in this 5th weekend of lent, and also the next in the series : “The Real Story; The Book of Luke; Investigating the Life of Jesus”.   …   The message opens with a statement on the Lent series “Renew”, a prayer, and a scripture reading from Hebrews 4:14-16.   …   The message continues with a close examination of The Lords Prayer, step by step, and part by part.   …   We need to see God for who He really is: He DOES love us and care for us, and that is why we call Him “Father”.   …   We can trust His word in our lives.  The Bible tells us who God really is, so we must not trust any of our misconceptions of Him!!

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