“The Three Smartest Moves You Can Make With Money” > 2/6+7/10

Pastor Bill Calvin continues with his second in a series of stewardship messages.//  The message begins with an example of a man who made a very meager salary but still managed to leave behind a very sizable inheritance for his children with his good and consistent planning.//  The first smartest thing you can do with money is to put together a spending plan or a budget.//  Examples are found in Luke 14:28, to estimate the cost first, and in Luke 8:1, to support out of your own means.//  The second smartest thing you can do with money is to SAVE it .//  Proverbs 6:6 shows how even an ant gathers and stores food for winter, and Proverbs 13:11 shows if you gather money little by little it will grow.//  Automatically save off the top FIRST and state a saving goal.//  Also attend seminars and classes like Crown Financial.//The third smartest thing you can do with money is to give it away.//Giving is very powerful, and if you do not give it away it is like calling Jesus a liar.//  Pastor Bill ends the message with a renewed view of how we are going to devote our entire Feb. 20th offering to the mission of Lisa Nickey in Gabon, Africa. //