“The True Light of Missions” > December 29+30 , 2012

The Texts:  John 1 ; 1st Corinthians   ….    Rob and Sue D. , from the Family Empowerment Center in Roger’s Park, deliver this weeks message on this last week of Missions month.  ….     Note: You may have to click on the “read more” button below to reveal the audio link.    ….    The message is preceded by a soliloquy by a member of our excellent and talented drama team.  She talks about how some places are still in darkness, but Jesus is the Great Light and WE need to spread the light that overcomes the darkness, takes away fear, gives hope, and shows the path to the Father. …   Following the soliloquy, Rob’s message begins telling how the Family Empowerment center is helping to bring the Light of Jesus into the world, and that Light of Jesus can NOT be overcome by the darkness!!  Sue D. takes the mic for a while and relates some of the triumphs the center has made over the problems encountered by some of the people in the community that came to the center.  NOTE:  the audio on Sue is VERY low, so you will need to turn up your speakers volume for her part of the message.   …..   Rob D. continues with his missions message . The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood, and that IS the call of missions! We are all the bearers of the Light of Jesus.  After the message , Jen H. gives a conclusion to missions month, followed by the Benediction.