“The Woman At The Well: How Jesus Deals With Broken People” > 7/10+11/10

The Text: John 4, where Jesus talks to the woman at the well, who was not only a Samaritan woman, but also a very broken person, a sinner, and Jesus tells her everything about her life, and how He can save her as the Messiah with living water.//  Mark Taube gives the message this week continuing with the series on the Gospel of John: Jesus’ story, how He lived and what He taught.//  Mark starts by pointing out how Jesus just HAD to go thru Samaria, when there were 3 other possible routes.//  Again, our unconventional Jesus first goes thru Samaria when there is a deep hatred between Jews and Samaritans, second TALKS to a Samaritan, and third, the Samaritan is a woman who is alone at the well.//  The woman was an outcast, considered unclean , yet Jesus asks her for a drink of water.//  Jesus transforms a regular conversation into a spiritual one, talking of living water when the woman has no mind at the time for the spiritual.//  Jesus makes the woman a believer when He tells her everything about her life and explains that He is the Messiah.// At that point she runs to tell everyone, the first missionary in a sense.//  The Samaritans that came back to see Jesus said ” We know He is the Savior of the world” , the first time He is ever given that title.//

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