“Time to Claim the Promises of God!” > 10-29+30-11

The Text: Ezekiel 34 .     Pastor Bill Calvin delivers this weeks message in the series : “End Results; The Book of Ezekiel” .   Jesus told us there would be times of trouble. God promised that He would search and rescue us. He also promised us that when returning home, you will receive justice, and judgement would be done.  God also promised the Messiah, so, will you face Him now, or just wait till judgement day??


This weeks TAP:  Monday, Oct. 31: Ezekiel 22  ..  Tuesday, Nov. 1: Ezekiel 23-24  ..  Wednesday, Nov. 2 : Ezekiel 25-30  ..  Thursday, Nov. 3: Ezekiel 31-32  ..  Friday, Nov. 4: Ezekiel 33-34 ..