To Bring or Not to Bring

Article by Morgan Lang, Children’s Ministry Director

The baby is crying (how DARE you take away the power cord she was trying to play with).
The toddler is screaming (“I don’t want my Spiderman socks, I want my Batman socks!”).
You haven’t showered in… —let’s not go there.
And now you’re being told you should get to church? Hello? Do they even SEE how hard it is to get out the door?

As a matter of fact, yes, they do because they’ve been there.

We all have a hot mess going on in our lives that causes us to hesitate on whether or not we should go to church. Isn’t that optional? The easiest thing to cut out? It may seem that way now, but have we ever asked what we are really giving up when we decide church is not worth it?

We’re giving up on routines. Our kids need to see that prioritizing God is important and taking them to church is one way to do that. Church demonstrates the routines we want them to one day reciprocate: tithing, the confession of sins, praying for others, serving, etc. How will they know this is important if we do not model it?

We’re giving up on community (for our kids and ourselves). When we say “no” to church, we say no to meeting and making friends who desire to parent their kids with a godly and Biblical perspective. We also deny our kids the opportunity to build a foundation of friends that will strive to choose God’s path for their lives as they grow.

We’re giving up on the opportunity to support others and be supported. The hard truth is that life isn’t just about you (or me!). When you go to church, you provide a needed word of encouragement or prayer to others. You provide a smile and warm “Hello” that someone is desperately looking for. Or maybe you will hear that you are not the only mom whose baby isn’t sleeping through the night—you can then be praying for one another during those early morning wake-ups.

So, even if you haven’t showered in a minute, you’ve got spit up on your clothes, and your family is a hot mess, come to church. You’re building so much more for your family than a routine: you’re building a community of people to love you, to support you, to really know you. These are the people who will stand alongside you as you parent little ones, as you pull out your hair with your teens, as you grieve the loss of family members. Come as you are, we’re here for you.