Volunteer Presence

By Danny Muñoz on February 21, 2017

Our NextGen’s volunteers encourage students by being present when interacting with them. In a world where so many distractions are constantly vying for our attention, people feel cared for and listened to when we make an effort to keep off of our phones and look for opportunities to enter into meaningful conversations. This is exactly what our volunteers strive to do.

A few weeks ago at Friday Night Coffeehouse, Jose H, a first-time Coffeehouse visitor stopped in and Danny Muñoz was able to introduce him to Matt M. They found out that they share the same passion and favorite sport: basketball. A bunch of us ended up shooting some hoops for awhile and it was a blast. Everything that happened that night started with Matt being open, available, and actively reaching out to Jose.

We want all students to have the opportunity to be seen, heard, and cared for. It’s what Jesus would have us do, and that is our aim for others.

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