“Wandering” > October 6+7 , 2012

The Text:  “The Story” Chapter 6   ..  or  ..  Numbers 21: 4-9 , John 3:14 , Hebrews 2: 7, 12-13 , Deuteronomy 8:15, 2 Kings 18.  ….    NOTE: You may have to click on the “read more” button below to reveal the audio link.    ….    Paul T. delivers this weeks message, the next in the series covering “The Story” , a chronological journey through the entire Bible.  Faith in God is the sole requirement for true life.  Faith is not easy because God’s ways are different from ours, we grow impatient which leads to sinful hearts, and we worry about the “what ifs”.   Faith requires repentance of sin, and repentance requires amending our actions.   Take a “heart check” and change your actions. Faith is expressed in obedience in God’s appointed means. Healing happens when you take a leap of faith.  ….   The message begins with the call to worship by Dan B., And readings from the Old Testament  Exodus 17, and the New Testament  1 Corinthians 10.  The message is followed by the benediction.  ….    This weeks message covered “The Story” Chapter 6, and Next weeks reading is “The Story” Chapter 7  ..  or  Numbers 10-14; 25; 27; and Deuteronomy 1-2; 4; 6; 29-32; 34.   The week after next is “the Story” Chapter 8 ….