What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

By Victoria Paul on July 7, 2015

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Almost every child has been asked this question.

At different points in my life, I have wanted to be an ice cream truck driver (seriously!) and a goalkeeper on a soccer team. Abbey had much larger horizons and the list of jobs she didn’t want to have was shorter than the list of jobs she did want to have.

Now, we both desire to serve God overseas as international workers. Just like with any other job, a lot of preparation and training goes into becoming good at one’s profession. That is why we will be moving on from our position at Bloomingdale Church and will be pursuing further schooling.  We sense that the Lord is directing us to move to Toledo, Ohio.

Though we are excited to move on to this new stage in our life, we are also incredibly sad to be leaving so many families and children that we have grown to love during our time here. We will miss watching the next Awana Games. We will miss the wonderful and sometimes wacky questions children asked (Does God sweat?) as they grew to know God more.  We will miss seeing the sanctuary full of children, singing songs about Jesus and learning verses from the Bible at Day Camp. We will be taking these and many other great memories with us!

It has been a pleasure to be with you these past two years. Thank you for encouraging us as we did our best to love, teach, and serve your children. We have learned so much and will continue to pray for this church, especially your children and families.

Many blessings, Sam and Abbey C

FYI: Daniel (& Amy) Riemenschneider has transitioned into an Administrative Leadership role of NextGen (KidsQuest and Youth Group programs) .  Charlie (& Miriam) A will be administering the Nursery & Children’s Church team this summer.