What is Alpha Gather?

By Nate Kugel on November 6, 2017

Alpha Gather is a community group meeting on Wednesday Nights that prioritizes friendship, prayer, and bible-based discussions.

Every healthy family or friendship prioritizes time, in-person to be together. At Alpha Gather we see each person as a part of a faith family, so we seek to create that atmosphere together. We eat together, pray for each other, and discuss around a large table what God’s Word has to say about our lives.

As an open group, we want to welcome you too. One might say, “Well that sounds great if your a people person, but what about a smaller group of people.? This is why we meet every other week, filling the off weeks with break-out smaller groups. All of our break-out groups meet on the church campus as well and are specifically timed to provide childcare through the church’s Awana program.

Group updates are shared by text or through our Alpha Gather Facebook Page.

For questions related to Alpha Gather read our Frequently Asked Questions below or email Pastor Nate – natek@bloomingdalechurch.org


When and Where is Alpha Gather?
Gather Week (large group): At 6:30pm everyone is invited to a meal in the Common Grounds Room upstairs. At 7pm Gather participants head downstairs to the ‘Coffeehouse’ room where we spend the rest of the evening together in our group.
Break-out Week (smaller groups): Each group does their own meal together and meets by themselves the whole evening. (see “Which break-out group is for me?” below)

Which break out group is for me?
Each group may choose to have their own study to go through together.
Adult Group: Leader-John W–Geared for adults and couples of all ages. Meets in the ‘Coffeehouse’ Room
Families Group: Leader-Nate Kugel–Geared for families, welcoming the interjections of 0-2 year olds. Meets at Nate & Anna’s Home (Gray House across the parking lot – “256”)
Young Adult Group: Leader-Stuart Guild–Geared for younger adults and couples. Meets at Stuart & Rebecca’s Home (Brown House at corner of the parking lot – “258”)

I was told Alpha wasn’t for me…?
Alpha is a video based discussion group geared to explain the basics of the Christian faith to a skeptic or individual who doesn’t identify as a Christian. Alpha Gather is designed for those finished with Alpha or already identify as a follower of Jesus, and want to belong to a community within the church.

What about my kids?
All children are welcome to join in both the Gather group and its break out groups. We do encourage, however, children between the ages of 2 – 6th grade take advantage of the Awana program which is geared to their engagement level. Click here to sign-up for Awana