“When ‘First Church’ Lost It’s Edge” > 9-6-09

Pastor Davis Riemenschneider continues our study of the book of Revelation by going thru Revelation 2:1-7, and the letter to the church of Ephesus. // Dave uses another of his GREAT props to get us started: A perfectly good, but worn, perfectly inflated basket ball, and a newer deflated basket ball.// The deflated ball was newer, but because of its slow leak, was now useless.//The good but worn ball represents the good things about the church of Ephesus: It has good deeds, hard work, perseverance, and sound doctrine. //The ball with the slow leak represents the thins that had happened to the church over time to make it useless: loss of vision, complacency, pride, and more concentration on doctrine and rules than on their “first love”, the vibrancy of their faith.//Dave compares a “first love faith”  with a “compromised faith”.//Dave wraps it up with the “solution” found in Revelation 2:5//

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