“When The Opposite Way Is The Right Way” > 7/3+4/10

The Text: John 3:22-30 //  Jesus’ ministry has begun and crowds of people are gathering regularly to hear him, while Christ’s forerunner, John the Baptist, has also had public notoriety teaching to seek God honestly by repenting of their sins.//  Pastor David Riemenschneider begins this message in the series on the Gospel of John with an illustration: a trailer cart hooked up to the back of his bike.//When backing up a trailer you must turn the front wheels in the opposite direction that you want the trailer to go.//  John the Baptist was identified by Jesus as the greatest individual in Matthew 11:11, and was Jesus’ forerunner, yet knows as stated in John 3:30; “He {Jesus} must become greater and I must become less” . //  John the Baptist knew joy comes from God’s voice of approval and that life is not about “me”.//  The practical application of Pastor David’s message is 1.] Experiencing the joy of the Lord, and 2.] Letting go of the self focused and self destructive “me” attempt to control.//

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