Why do I serve in Awana?

By Christopher Steinke on September 28, 2015

Why do I serve in Bloomingdale Church Awana?

Awana… Reaching boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ and training them to serve Him.  That’s our motto. That’s our vision. That’s our hope and plan.

And we are not just a few who believe that at Bloomingdale Church. There are the grandparents, the parents, the singles and even the teens who invest in the children who walk in the doors of our welcoming church each week.

I am one of about 85 leaders with the same heart and love for our community’s children.

It is such a gift to be a part of an outward focused church which sees that children and youth are worth the investment of time and energy, planning and finances.

If you want to see what I get to see, stop by on any Wednesday from 6:55pm to 8:30pm, September through April and walk with us. You’ll want to join us in our ministry to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ, and train them to serve Him.

Dona (Jack) Eggar, Awana Director