Why Do Interdependence Day?

Why do Interdepence Day? [Thoughts from Pastor Bill Calvin]

A few years ago I was struck by a haunting question: “If your church were to disappear would anyone in your community care?” One of my goals is to see Bloomingdale Church become so valuable to our community that if we were to disappear, people who don’t attend our church would say, “Oh no. What a loss. We need that church. I will miss them.”

Since food pantries run out of food during the summer months but people still need to eat, why not have a huge food drive to supply the food pantries in our community? Why not ask every home-dweller in Bloomingdale to help us stock five food pantries in our area? Why not ask the residents of Bloomingdale if they would even help us collect the food? Since we are already outside, why not hold a brief church service in the park instead of in the church building? Why not sing songs that we all know like “America” and “The Star Spangled Banner?” Why not have a brief message from a Christian soldier who has served four tours of duty in Iraq? Why not have a picnic after the service? Why not put together some great games for children? Why not make this day a lot of fun?

This is how Interdependence Day, came to be.