Winter Banquet 2014 In Review

Our annual Winter Banquet was once again a time when our youth group learned to be a team. We planned. We organized. We practiced. We served a big supper. We worked together. And believe me, it was a growing process to work together. We grew in our strengths and learned in our weaknesses.

In our strengths and our weaknesses, our peers surrounded us and helped, whether our role was doing the dramas, making the decorations/props or serving the meal. You see Winter Banquet is not just a big supper and funny entertainment. It is an awesome team building activity. And the money we raised will go toward another huge team building experience , our onMission trips.

Our youth group does various events like this throughout the year to help us work together as a team. We are grateful for the adult leaders for guiding us. And we thank all the people who came and supported the youth at Winter Banquet 2014.

By Megan Stephen [Senior at Glenbard East]