Women’s Break – Winter 2020

We invite you to join Women’s Break where women from all seasons of life learn to apply timely lessons from the Bible to their daily lives. Marina Riemenschneider leads a study of the Old Testament Psalms, starting Tuesday, Jan 12 via Zoom.

One of the many benefits of studying the Psalms is having a thankful heart. The Psalms help us live with grateful hearts, no matter what our circumstances. And let’s face it, 2020 has been a testy year. Please join us this new year as we look into the book of Psalms for encouragement from our loving God.


Morning Break Zoom Evening Break Zoom

“Reading and praying through the Psalms makes me more aware of His presence in my daily life. It helps me to acknowledge His nearness to me. The Psalms are daily steps toward experiencing a relationship with Him in deeper, more powerful ways.”

“I really like the Psalms as they speak to my emotions. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, a Psalm will come to me that I have memorized in the past. The Psalms really give me comfort.”

“Even though the Psalms were written so long ago, I feel like I can relate to them as they are comforting and encouraging to me. Psalm 139 is my personal favorite!”

“I like to study the Psalms because they speak to my heart. They touch on such a wide variety of emotions and they give me a blueprint of how to handle situations in my life. I have learned how I can cry out to God at any time, with anything and he hears me and responds.”

“When today’s world starts stressing me out, a psalm we studied will come to my mind bringing me peace.”