Women’s Break – Fall 2015

By David Riemenschneider on September 12, 2015

Women’s Break is every Tuesday, beginning September 15th.

Morning Break
Tuesdays, 9-11:15am
Light breakfast served & childcare provided
Common Grounds – Bloomingdale Church

Evening Break
Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm
Common Grounds- Bloomingdale Church

Enter northeast doors at the front stairwell.

What women are saying about Women’s Break Bible Study…

“In the midst of my busiest seasons of life, I set aside Tuesday nights to learn God’s Word with women of many ages, stages and backgrounds. It has become a priority in my life and I so glad I made that choice.”  Monica, full-time working mom of pre-schooler & toddler

“I love Tuesday Women’s Break because it is a wonderful time to be refreshed and enjoy some genuine friendship after long days at work, and taking care of my kids. It is a great place to get to know the women of BC as we study His Word and share life together.”  Stacey, full-time working mom of kindergartner & pre-schooler

“Tuesday Women’s Break is my time to connect with other women and be refreshed and encouraged in my life as I learn from the Bible.” Deb, part-time working mom of grade-schooler & college student

“Women’s Break is the weekly opportunity to stop the craziness of everyday life and let me totally focus on God’s Word with other women” Kim, mom of high school & college students.

“Sometimes it is hard to do life alone. I love Women’s Break Bible Study as it connects me with women and His Word.” Career single woman

“Bible Study has brought me continued growth in the application of God’s Word. I need it. The women have showed me so much love and joy in their lives.” Recent empty nester

I hope you can join us and give yourself a morning or evening break in your week. Still not sure, how about trying it for a couple of weeks and then decide? Marina Riemenschneider, Bible study teacher