Praise & Worship at BC

"Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord all the earth." -Psalm 96:1

Bloomingdale Church is a worshiping community.

This means that when we gather together each week, we gather to worship our God. One way we do this is by singing songs of praise. We strive to reflect the diversity of our community in our singing, so though our services are vibrant and modern, we also enjoy singing traditional hymns and older worship songs from time to time.

To make our services the best they can be, we need the help of our people! If you're interested in serving in any of the ministries below, email

Worship Teams

Our worship teams, made up of instrumentalists and vocalists, lead the musical worship portion of our service.

A/V Team

Our a/v team oversees the sound board, presentational software, lights, and recording of our live services.

Drama Team

Our drama team puts on topically relevant dramas to creatively illustrate Biblical truths.

Creative Media Team

Our creative media team produces and edits the special videos that we use in our services, as well as other media projects.

Bloomingdale Church on Spotify

You can hear all of our weekly worship set lists on advance on the BC Spotify

Our Mission in Worship

To sing the Truth, and to sing it as though it were true.

To accomplish this, we…

Lean In

Worship is not a spectator sport. If we participate in worship with our bodies reclined, our arms crossed, or our hands in our pockets, we may find that the posture of our heart mirrors that of our bodies. At Bloomingdale Church, we lean in to engage our whole bodies in worship.

Sing Out

Singing isn't just for the "talented musicians" among us, and it isn't just for our own personal expression. At Bloomingdale Church, we sing out to honor our God, encourage our fellow Christians, and set a positive example for visitors and newcomers.

Dig Deep

Our worship doesn't start when we walk through the doors of the church, and it doesn't conclude when we leave. At Bloomingdale Church, we engage our minds and hearts by digging deeper into the words we sing. We prepare to worship before the services, and we reflect back on what we sang afterward.

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