Worshiping with the PAK students

The PAK helped lead the worship services on February 25/26 and some might have wondered, “Do the 5th and 6th graders even know what they’re doing?” Let me assure you, they do! In class, they discussed the importance of worship and that what they were doing was not a performance. After doing one service, the children were asked what they learned from being a part of the service. Some of their answers included, “A lot of thought goes into it,” and, “I’m going to pay more attention to the words and what is being said.”

It’s easy to question if it was only a “weekend thing they did,” or if it really went deep into their hearts. On Wednesday at Awana, I was working with a PAK girl and one of the verses she needed to memorize was one they read during the service they helped with. Her face lit up, “I know and understand this verse because we did it in church last week!” It was a joy to see how God speaks to children and they understand these truths, sometimes more than we give them credit for.

The PAK is a 5th & 6th Grade Youth Group developing friendships and applying Biblical truths to life. If you’re in 5th or 6th grade, come join us! Sundays 9:45-10:45am (Aug-May), Wednesdays 6:30-8pm (Sep-Apr), and every other Wednesday 6:30-8pm (May-Aug).