“You Make Me Want To Puke”>9-20-09

Pastor David Riemenschneider takes us thru Revelation 3:14-22 and the letter to the church in Laodicea that had become complacent, proud, independent, carnal, and had forgot their need for God.//They had become “lukewarm” and God said he wanted to “spit” them out of his mouth, and the real translation of “spit” is closer to, vomit, puke, hurl, or throw up!!.//Pastor Dave’s illustration was to have a series of cups with liquids that were sampled by victims, I mean volunteers, but they were all lukewarm.// The point: coffee , soup and tea are good HOT, and fruit juice, soda, and water are good COLD, but they are all yucky when lukewarm.//Pastor David reviews the environment in Laodicea: the city and the church, and how the church was evaluated by Jesus.//Pastor Dave ends with the Directive: a hope filled counsel, that shows that God pursues those that have gone astray.//God never gives up on us , He is knocking on the door just waiting for us to let Him in.//Pastor’s message ends with some practical applications, a personal inventory, and a time of prayer.//

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