“Your King Is Coming!” > 3/27+28/10

Pastor Bill Calvin delivers his Palm Sunday message about 2 truths that have changed peoples lives for over 2000 years.//  Our King, Jesus Christ was truly the most extravagant giver of all time and has saved lives from depression, sadness, hopelessness, and many other human conditions.//  The first truth is that Jesus Christ is THE most worthy person in the world to receive our praise.//  Pastor Bill gives examples of Lazarus and Zacchaeus, and how massive crowds formed to see Jesus because of  life changing miracles like these.//  The second truth is that Jesus is worthy of many KINDS of praise, all the time.//  There are 20 different ways of praising listed in the bible like clapping, shouting, singing, dancing, and many more.// “Shouting” is in the bible 155 times, and “praise” is in the bible 375 times!.//  Palm Sunday celebrates what Jesus does in peoples lives!!.//