Youth Alpha launches April 10

You heard it. Youth Alpha is back April 10-May 22.

Youth Alpha is a weekly party at Friday Night Coffeehouse that includes theme-oriented food nights, party games, joke time, and a film-style video. The Youth Alpha Films are 20-minute videos discussing life, faith, and God. Students will have a chance to ask questions, give their opinions and discuss their viewpoints with others.

Here were some of the highlights from last spring’s Youth Alpha parties:

  • 80 students attended. #fridaynightparty
  • Open gym had to be divided three ways to accommodate everyone: #4square #protecttheprez #ballin
  • Thought-provoking table group questions: #favoritesuperhero #everprayed? #doesGodanswerprayer
  • Random dance parties #letmeseeyouwobble
  • Hearing lots of questions and discussions #askanything
  • Playing human battleship #incoming
  • A chill vibe, compliments of a Spotify playlist, colored lights, and comfy seating #vibe
  • Breakfast for Dinner…chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs & breakfast burritos #foodfoodfood