Youth Alpha Highlights

By Danny Muñoz on June 14, 2017

Youth Alpha is a unique time for Friday Night Coffeehouse. There is a party each week with food, games, laughter, and music. Alpha is also a place where students may freely explore questions of life and faith in a non-judgmental way.


  • 60-75 in attendance each week
  • Bubbleball battles
  • Free Youth Alpha t-shirt for all who attend
  • Meaningful table discussions
  • 16 new guests since March 10
  • Students exploring faith in Jesus

A Cool Story

As we enter week 5 of 10, here is a cool story that embodies what Friday Night Coffeehouse and Youth Alpha are all about.

Omar Z, a sophomore from Glenbard East HS in Lombard, visited us for the first time on March 10 and has not missed a Friday yet. When I asked him why he attends, his answer was, “I feel like I belong here. People talk to me and have been really open with me. They also have answered my questions about faith. Volunteers have had conversations with me and I can tell they care. Other students had talks with me too, even though I was a stranger to them. I used to be depressed and hurt, but ever since I gave my life to Jesus, I have seen how His people can be loving and kind – like He is.”

We hope to have more stories of students like Omar. Stories of students transformed not only by our living God but by the love and fellowship offered by the church community.

Join us for Youth Alpha @ Coffeehouse on Friday nights from 6:30-11:00p (High School) and 6:30-9:30p (JR High).


Who is Youth Alpha for?
Short answer: Everyone.

As a Youth Ministry, we have identified three target audiences of people who come to Youth Alpha. 1) Students who only attend Coffeehouse. 2) Friends of students who are not connected to the Youth Group. 3) Students who are active attenders of Bloomingdale Church.

The bottom line: All students, regardless of background, are welcome to participate. We hope that students will come, bring their friends, be connected to the youth group, and engage with the topics of Youth Alpha.