BCYouth264 Newsletter – November

Goodbye October and hello November! Last month was wild. We met outside as much as possible – playing Super-Sized Soccer, learning about the “Good News” in Matthew, and sharing life and prayer in our small groups. Some of our teens continued to go deeper in understanding how God has uniquely designed each of them in our IPSAT course; and we had an encouraging turnout for our Party for a Purpose with Reclaim13.

Unfortunately, COVID prevented us from meeting in person for a few weeks, so we transitioned back to Zoom for our youth programming during that time. We also needed to postpone our onsite DNow retreat; but we are excited to be focusing on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, how we grow as disciples, and what we do as disciples on Nov 13-14!

Speaking of discipleship, here are some brief updates on the Discipleship Initiative:

    • 29 adults attended the two trainings this past summer
    • 11 pairs have been established to date
    • What’s Coming – In December we will offer a multi-week workshop on ways of engaging with Scripture (Sun 9:45-10:45am on Zoom)
    • What’s Needed – we have a number of teen guys who are interested in being discipled, but we need more men who are willing to disciple them!

In addition to DNow, we have some other exciting things happening in November. Youth Group is having a bit of a revamp! In order to better accommodate our multi-teen families, all teens are welcome to come for the entire time (6-8:30pm) on Sunday nights. Junior High students will continue to meet for the lesson / small groups from 6-7pm; and High School students will come together for their lesson / small groups from 7:30-8:30pm. We’re still prioritizing the group community time from 7-7:30pm. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to youth@bloomingdalechurch.org.

Also, our teens can start to raise money for future trips and retreats by participating in our Fall Coffee Sales Fundraiser – orders due on Nov 13; and by participating in our Winter Banquet (meeting dates listed below). Finally, we are excited to invite our teens to learn, grow, and develop during the “sunday school” hour – please see our post about this for further information. (as always, please see schedule below or our full schedule at https://bloomingdalechurch.org/teenscalendar).


Quick Overview of Changes

  • We are transitioning to indoor meetings on November 1st! We will now be requiring our teens to complete a Wellness Check-In Form before arrival at programming and events (see https://bloomingdalechurch.org/teensinside for full details)
  • Youth Group: Sundays 6-8:30pm – Junior High (6-7:30 or later); High School (7 or earlier – 8:30)
  • DNow has been rescheduled for Nov 13-14 – you can register here
  • Our Fall Coffee Sales Fundraiser has begun!
  • ***This will be where you’ll find updates about changes of location or cancellation by 4:00 on the day of the event


Serving Opportunities



  • AWANASee the Awana Leader Handbook for more details
    • Big Brother / Sister 
    • Awana Z Leader   
    • Monthly Check-Ins (first Wed. of each month, 6:30-8pm)
  • PAK
    • Sunday morning at 9:45
    • Contact Marina Riem if interested
  • *Please make sure that you’ve completed the NextGen Application if you will be serving in any of these capacities.


Upcoming Dates


  • Oct 30: Fall HoeDown – All teens 7-8:30pm between the parsonages
  • Oct 31: Banquet Meeting(time TBD) on Zoom
  • Nov 1: Youth Group – Junior High 6-7:30pm / High School 7-8:30pm at the church
  • Nov 6: All Teen Event – Live Foosball 7-8:30pm in the gym
  • Nov 7: Banquet Workshop(time TBD) on Zoom
  • Nov 8: Youth Group – Junior High 6-7:30pm / High School 7-8:30pm at the church
  • Nov 13: DNow Pre-Party – 7-8:30pm at the church
  • Nov 14: DNow9:30am-8pm at the church
  • Nov 15: Youth Group – Junior High 6-7:30pm / High School 7-8:30pm at the church
  • Nov 20: Thanksgiving Teen Serve 7-8:30pm at the church
  • Nov 21: Banquet Workshop(time TBD) on Zoom
  • Nov 22: Youth Group – Junior High 6-7:30pm / High School 7-8:30pm at the church
  • Nov 29: Youth Group – Junior High 6-7:30pm / High School 7-8:30pm at the church


If you’d like to help with any of the events mentioned above, please contact Daniel or Chelsea.


As always, if you have any questions please reach out to the Youth Staff – we’re here for you and we’re better together!

Daniel & Chelsea danielw@bloomingdalechurch.org and chelsear@bloomingdalechurch.org