We often include a segment of our weekend worship hours entitled “From The congregation” in which someone in our church family will share a short story concerning their spiritual journey.


A DuJardin Student is Dedicated

By Morgan L on November 17, 2017

Remy H., a student we met through Crossroads Kids Club at DuJardin Elementary School, was dedicated on October 29th. After attending Crossroads and receiving a Bible, Remy asked if he could go through the dedication process. We are so thankful that he had the desire to acknowledge God’s love for him and commit to praying for him as he continues to grow in his faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

When we dedicate children, we celebrate the life of the child and ask the parents and the church body to raise up the child to know God. We desire to come alongside one another to “encourage us in our faith journey,” which includes how we raise our children. Because parenting can be so challenging, we dedicate children as an admission of our own faults, praying that God will help us parent our children well.

Watch Remy’s dedication video here.

Veterans Day 2017 – Bob S

WWII Veteran, Bob S. (Bloomingdale, IL), served in the US Coast Guard and shares how his faith was birthed out of his service to his country.