Thank you for supporting our mission of helping people know Jesus Christ as Lord. Several safe, secure, and convenient methods have been created for you to give.
  1. Mail to the church office: 264 Glen Ellyn Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108
  2. Bring to church M-F @ 9am-4pm
Be sure to include your name and address on the check or envelope, so that donation credit may be provided for tax purposes. Make checks payable to: “Bloomingdale Church.”
Bank Transfer (EFT)*
You can utilize your bank’s “Bill Pay” feature to designate Bloomingdale Church as the payee and schedule a one-time or recurring transfer of funds. (The bank sends the church a check by mail.)
*This is a great option because the church does not incur the transaction fees.
Give Now
Give Using Your “CBC” Account
Designating Funds
Donors can designate their funds as follows:
  • General Fund: Supports Bloomingdale Church’s day-to-day operations and programs
  • Deacons: Supports Bloomingdale Church’s deacons ministry to help people in the church with qualified needs
  • Missions/Great Commission Fund (GCF): Supports Christian & Missionary Alliance workers and ministries throughout the world
  • Specific Workers: You can give to a specific worker’s work/outfitting fund
  • Building Fund: Supports Bloomingdale Church’s future building projects
  • Other: There are occasionally specific, cause-oriented funds set up by our Governing Board (ie “Passion Project)
Common Questions

Why Give?

Bloomingdale Church is committed to our mission of helping people know Jesus as Lord. We have the privilege of partnering with God’s work in the world by using our gifts and resources through the local church.

Are donations to Bloomingdale Church deductible for tax purposes?

Yes. Bloomingdale Church is classified as a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service and is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Mission are therefore deductible under section 170 of the Code.

What is the deadline for annual contributions?

Contributions must be received, postmarked, or transacted by December 31 to be included on your giving statement for that year.

Can I receive a report on my giving?

If you attend Bloomingdale Church, a Connected Bloomingdale Church (CBC) account has been created for you. (Click here to sign up.) You can view an up-to-date giving report by clicking on the “Give” tab. Donors receive a printed giving statement by January 31 for the previous year.

What is the “Great Commission Fund”?

Bloomingdale Church has a rich heritage as a member of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. The “Alliance” is committed to the authority of the Scripture and to taking the Gospel to the whole world.  As the primary source of funding for Alliance ministries, the Great Commission Fund (GCF) is one of the most effective ways for you to become an active participant in God’s plan to reconcile all peoples to himself.  For more information, go to:

How does Bloomingdale Church uphold financial accountability?

Bloomingdale Church is committed to honoring God’s provision by exercising wise and faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability to ensure the financial integrity of Bloomingdale Church remains above reproach. We accomplish this through a system of internal controls and an internal budgeting and reporting process.

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions about giving?

If you have any questions about giving, please do not hesitate to contact the church office at 630.894.0090 or

What about the issue of debt?

We strongly discourage those who have credit card debt from tithing via a credit card.