A safe and welcoming place for 7th-12th grade students to develop friendships, be mentored, and discover faith.

A safe and welcoming youth community center every Friday Night
7th & 8th grade: 6:30-9:30pm (picked up by 10pm)
9th-12th grade: 6:30-11pm (picked up by 11:30pm)

Do you want a place where you can hang out with your friends and meet kids from different schools? Are you into playing sports or playing board games? Do you just want a place to hang out on Friday night after a long week? If that sounds good, come to Friday Night Coffeehouse – a place where you will always be welcome,  can hang out with friends and make some new friends too.


Hang out, student-led worship and teaching
7th-12th grade
Sundays, 9:30ish-10:45am

What would it look like to attend a group in which is lead by students?  Listen to the teen band playing contemporary worship songs, the interactive Bible discussions, the active learning exercises.  Join us at Sunday Morning Youth Group, Sundays at 9:45 in the youth quad.


Students hanging out in family homes with the adult teen leaders, building friendships and discussing the Bible
7th-12th grade, age specific groups
Offered fall, spring, and summer

Need a chance to unwind and hang out with friends? Small groups are a loose hangout where we discuss the practical applications of the Bible together. Small Groups are  8-10 weeks in the spring and fall. Bridge Groups meet during the summer as a fun social group that helps teens make a natural transition.


Youth Alpha is a non-confrontational party to ask anything about life and faith
7th-12th grade
Fridays, 6:30-9:30pm

It’s a Friday night teen party. It’s free food. It’s new people to meet that don’t judge. It’s a chill space to to talk about life, faith, & God. It’s 7-12th grade. It’s Youth Alpha @264coffeehouse



Inspiring men and women to become relational mentors to local youth
One-year commitment, meet at least twice a month

“I like the mentoring program because I have someone I can go to and talk to about anything.” (Jay, mentee).  Details and sign up at mentor.bloomingdalechurch.org.

A semi-monthly serving project for our community alongside our peers, family or mentor

Supervised practical training for the onMission lifestyle
Second-semester 8th-12th grade students
Fall or Spring semester

Students who want to make the youth group even better for their peers sign up for a semester commitment of being a Student Intern. Under the leadership of one of the Youth Staff, attend bi-weekly meetings to plan and delegate tasks. Receive personal coaching in the faith journey.

Giving students the needed change of pace in order to connect with Christ. Retreats and trips assist students know what following Christ looks like
7th-12th grade
Winter Camp (February), TeamUp Retreat (August), DiscipleNow (November), onMission/Life (summer)

Sometimes it takes just getting away for a student to remove the distractions to notice God working in their lives. We offer quarterly retreats and onMission trips to give students the opportunity to take this time to serve God and get to know peers.

We believe that a teenager’s parent/guardian is the most important influence in their life and so want to do our best to encourage them.

Youth Group: Holiday Volleyball Tournament

By Nate Kugel on November 17, 2017

Dec 1 at Friday Night Coffeehouse is our annual ‘Holiday Tournament’ for 7-12th Grade.

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Where: 264.Coffeehouse at Bloomingdale Church
When: Friday, Dec 1 from 6:30-11pm

Event Schedule:
Doors open – 6:30pm
Brief special speaker & Tournament Rules – 7pm
Double-Elimination Tournament begins – 7:30pm

Note: Jr. High/High School tournament will be separate tournaments pending on number of total teams. Be aware if your team is mixed Jr. High and High School students.

Teams are to be 4-6 members.
– Got more than 6? Create a second team! (Students may NOT switch teams throughout the tournament–only one team per student.

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Students from all surrounding areas are welcome to invite students to participate.
Included by not limited to Glenbard North High School, Glenbard West High School, Glenbard East High School, Lake Park High School, Addison Trail High School, Marquardt Middle School, Westfield Middle School, Stratford Middle School, Roselle Middle School, and Jay Stream Middle School. 

DiscipleNow 2017 – Be Informed

DiscipleNow is a weekend retreat for 7-12th grade students to hear special speakers, spend extra time with peers, and reflect on their “relationship with God” status.   DNow’17 highlights include guest speakers from Peace of Christ Church (Westmont, IL), receiving a Youth Group beanie, spending two nights with their peers at a host home, discussing the Bible, worshipping with other local youth groups at “Crash”, and serving our church community

Fri-Sun, Nov 3-5
Click Here to sign-up for this unique weekend
The $40 cost for the weekend covers food, activities, and giveaways.

Teen Coffeehouse – For All

By Chelsea C on October 1, 2017

I was having a conversation with a student before Coffeehouse about why he likes to come every week. He began to tell me how he likes to hang out with his friends and it’s good for him, because he is kind of religious but not really religious. I asked what he meant by that. He went on to explain how he wears a cross necklace and believes in God, but he doesn’t want it to take over his life. He still wants to do what he wants and not have to try to convert everybody. I gently pressed further, “What are you scared to give up? What do you think would change?”


That’s true. When you decide to follow Jesus and be all in, it changes everything.

We have a lot of students that show up each week who hold this opinion: I go to church, because it’s a good, religious thing to do. It makes me feel good about myself. But I don’t want to be super religious, I just want to live my life the way I want.

I don’t consider myself a “super religious” person, but I do have a relationship with Christ. He is my everything and it affects all that I say and do. There is a difference, because “super religious” carries this connotation of rule following, Bible bashing, in your face “I’m better than you” spirituality. On the other hand, a relationship with Christ gives the impression that it is real, personal, growing, changing and is two-sided. It’s all about how we view faith. Is it simply a set of rules to follow to get into heaven? Or is it about becoming more like Christ and sharing that with others?

Coffeehouse is a place where students can have fun and find community, and its also a place to hear about Jesus each week.  As leaders, we have the chance to demonstrate what it means to be in relationship with Christ week in and week out to our students. This is reflected in the way we talk, the way we respond and the way we care. The goal is not to make a bunch of super religious teenagers, but to teach and show them what it means to live in relationship with God. My hope and prayer is that students will see that completely giving their life to Christ is worth it.