Worship Hours

Saturday, 5:30pm
Sunday, 8:30 & 11am

You're Welcome Here

People from a wide spectrum of ages, church backgrounds, as well as people who have no faith background at all attend Bloomingdale Church. The atmosphere of the weekend worship hours is comfortable and accepting. People dress as they wish. The total time is about an hour. If you have children, we have spaces for parents with infants (Parent-Infant room & Live Feed room)  as well as Nursery and Children's Church.

Faith Discovery

We strive to be a welcoming community church, a place to investigate the Bible and discover its practical applications for our everyday lives.  People are safe to explore the big questions of life about God, Jesus, and discovering their purpose. The church’s mission statement reflects its commitment to be a "worshiping, praying, learning, caring, and outreaching community".

Weekend Series

In the Beginning…

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is the narrative of God’s awesome creation of the universe, the appearance of the first family, and then the impressive population growth that follows. It is the story of the early years of civilization and the sad stumblings of humankind. It is also the story of God’s active, enduring love for people, even when they wander far the wrong direction. It is the story that offers big picture perspective and tangible hope in our lives today.

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